Important Facts about Wood Chips

Every single part of our tree is vital. We can use the leaves, branches, twigs, body, and many more. As we plant trees, we are saving our environment and, at the same time, have something for future usage. When we choose to remove and cut our trees, we can generate woods. Woods play crucial roles in our lives. We can use them to build buildings and structures. Aside from that, we can use them when we want to have a fire.  

One of the most well-known ways to make use of our woods is through wood chipping. Wood chips are significant in our lives. With the use of the right tools and equipment, every single of our wood will turn into chips.  

We can use wood chips in many ways. We can apply them as raw material and as an end product. Furthermore, here are the uses of wood chips that you must know: 

  1. Wood chips are the primary material in producing papers, fiberboard, and hardboard. All we need to have is a creative mind. Also, if we have old chips at home, we can use them together with the new chips. So, it is best to keep them. 
  2. Did you know that we can use wood chips as a solid fuel? Yes, you read it right! It will help us in the form of ecological firelighters. It is environmental-friendly ways and will help us save money. 
  3. If we have kids at home that love to play in the playground, we can use chips in making alternative surface. All we have to do is to transform the wood chips into a safe material. Did you know that when we use wood chips on our children`s playground, the chances are low that they will encounter accidents? Yes, wood chips have a bouncing factor that will not harm your children. 
  4. Wood chips are useful when we have vegetable gardens and flower gardens at home. We can use them as soil beds and helps our plants to have nutrients. With the wood chips, weeds will no longer compete with our plants. We will have the best garden without spending too much money. 
  5. If we do not have wood chips and plans to buy from stores, we need to consider the water content. Aside from that, we need to determine the size of the chips and the portion of barks.  
  6. Before buying wood chips, we need to inspect and identify the types of chips we are about to purchase. Some wood chips do not have the best heating quality and will disappoint us. It will waste our money, effort and will tend to stress us.  
  7. The people that handle wood chipping is called chipper. They will do the task properly. If you are a tree owner and want to have wood chips from your trees, it is best to hire professionals. 

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